• How Essential Probiotics in Fighting Against Constipation

    Did you know that 15 percent of Americans are suffering from chronic constipation today? According to the statistics at about 63 million people living in the United States are having difficulties in passing their bowels because of the hard, lumpy, and dry stool. Also, most of them are constantly suffering from bloatedness and abdominal pain.


    What is the reason behind constipation?

    Relatively, several people believe that chronic constipation is caused by unhealthy diet and not enough water in the digestive system; however, there are more reasons behind that. According to the experts, constipation may be caused by the following:

    • Medications
    • Physical inactivity
    • Aging
    • Pregnancy
    • Overuse of laxatives
    • Changes in bowel movement routine
    • Ignoring the need for a bowel movement
    • Problems with colon or the rectum
    • Disease-causing constipation such as;
    o Neurological disorders
    o Metabolic and endocrine conditions
    o Cancer
    o Systemic Diseases


    Constipation can be tough but with the help of probiotics, you will have a smooth and regular bowel movement.


    What are probiotics?

    The probiotic is a live and active microorganism that is claimed to provide benefits to human health, especially the digestive system. Probiotics are commonly found in yogurt and other foods that are cultured.


    How do probiotics help fight against constipation?

    According to several experts, probiotics have huge benefits when it comes to digestive tract system. Naturally, the gastrointestinal tract and the entire body contain live and active probiotics. It is estimated that the human body contains 100 trillion of probiotics, making up the microbiome. The task of probiotics is not limited to the digestive system, but it has several roles and responsibilities inside the human body.


    Why the extra probiotics if the human body contains trillions of it?

    One of the frequently asked questions on probiotics includes the ability of the natural probiotics in the body to keep the GI in shape; well, the answer to that lies on the modern diets that people have today. The natural probiotics in the GI are unable to balance and maintain its natural flora due to the diets that are not particularly good for the GI; thus, the body requires more probiotics to balance the gut flora.


    When extra probiotics are ingested it helps:

    • Break down those tough fibers.
    • Alter the way the body store fats.
    • Alter the way the body balances the level of glucose in the blood.
    • Also responsible for boosting biotin, vitamin K, B12, and folate in the body.
    • Increase the breakdown and digestive time (which approximately should be 12.4 hours)
    • Increase the frequency of bowel movement per week.
    • Soften the stools


    Final thoughts

    So, do probiotics for constipation work? Yes, it does. There are several types of research and tests to prove that probiotics have a huge benefit to the body, especially balancing the natural flora of the human gut.


    Frequent intake of food or supplements with a live and active microorganism, known as probiotics, eases not only your bowel movement but it also helps prevent diarrhea. So, if you are currently suffering from constipation, why not try to add foods or supplement that contains probiotics to your daily diet?

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